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Board Certified Pediatric Dentistry in Greensburg, Indiana & Johnstown PA

Give your child a head start with nationally recognized oral teaching and care from our pediatric dentist. At 4 Kids Dental Center, our team provides excellent teaching and care to keep your child’s teeth and mouth healthy. Parents are welcomed as participants in the care we provide. You will receive detailed information about office procedures in advance so that you know what to expect when your child is brought to our office. If at all possible, Dr. Luccy will be calling you at your home from his home on the weekend prior to your child’s first visit. This call allows Dr. Luccy to introduce himself, to make sure you have directions to the office, and to answer any questions you have or he has regarding your child’s first visit. No one welcomes you like we do!

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Managing Tears and Fears
Our experienced staff is committed to make your child’s first visit enjoyable and positive. You can help by explaining to your child that Dr. Luccy and his staff are here to help children.  Our staff is trained in using the “tell-show-do” method. Please refrain from using words around your child that might cause fear about dental care. Such words would include “needle”, “shot”, “pull”, “drill”, or “hurt”. We want your children to be focusing on the fact that they will be receiving a reward for being good helpers. 


Using Parents for “Comforters”
At initial exams, children are brought back with parent's or care givers. For children approximately 3 and under, care is usually done with the child in the parents lap.   Preschool children, ages 4, 5, and 6, generally receive care with parents or caregivers right beside them, often holding hands. Sometimes however, children will cry and extra time will be needed. Occasionally, children become upset for any number of reasons. If this should happen, we will be completing the examination and cleaning as quickly as possible but doing so in a manner that enables us to gain all necessary information about your child. We will not be doing anything painful during these procedures so please be patient and supportive of our efforts.

Our Mission
As a Board Certified pediatric dental practice, we are dedicated to the comprehensive oral health of children. Our entire staff has been trained to work with healthy, special needs, and medically compromised children. We aim to create a legacy of positive dental experiences for each child that visits our office.

Call our pediatric dentistry office at (724) 837-4400  or toll free at 1-888-837-4402 for fast an easy appointment scheduling.